Why Choose Flame Master Kebab Machine?

1. We use the best materials

At Flame Master, we build our top range kebab machines with the highet quality Rinnai Burners. The burner is the heart and key component of the Kebab Machine.

Why Rinnai Burners? The Rinnai burners offers you the best uniform burning for best burning efficiency to uniformly cook your kebabs all the time. Best uniform gas efficiency reduces wastage of gas and reduce overall operating cost for your business.

The uniform burning ensures evenly heated zones that reduces the risk of un-burnt gas zones that may result in internal combustion within the burner chamber.  The image  below are example of such situation from inferior quality burners, where worn-out tiles results in flames inside the chamber, causes internal combustion resulting in the burner unit  getting damaged.

Safety is the first priority and a good burner is where it all begins.

2. Australian Made in-house & 100% Tested

All our Kebab Machines are built in-house by our trained and experienced staff. All our units are build according to the Australian approved gas appliances standards.
The Kebab Machines are fully inspected ad tested for their operation after assembly, to ensure proper operations according to specifications.


(Above is the FMKM-4D (New 2021 Model) undergoing post assembly testing)

3. Committed towards continuous Improvements

Through the years in the Kebab Machine business, we have made improvements to the kebab Machines that we make. The newest model that has just been released is the Flame Master FMKM-4- Deluxe Series. This kebab machines comes in 3,4 and 5 Burners configuration. All the new kebab machine now offers the following features:

New Features Highlights:
• Stainless-steel gas manifold
• Stainless-steel gas lines
• Stainless-steel Heavy Duty knobs
• Stainless-steel handle on locking shaft
• Redesigned temperature sensor mounting
• Angular reflective shield for improved uniform cooking
• Improved internal layout for serviceability

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